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      Structural Steel
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      Structural Steel
      Scaffold Steel Plank
      Scaffolding Accessories
      Scaffolding System

      All types of Scaffolding Coupler

      Materials: Malleablle and others

      Surface treament: Galanized

      Weight: As your request

      Color: Silver

      Packaging Details: Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package

      Application: Connecting steel pipe

      Delivery Details:Shipped in 15-20 days after payment


      Scaffold coupler is divided into right Angle coupler (cross coupler directional coupler) rotating coupler (movable coupler universal coupler) butt coupler ( coupler direct coupler), these are common types of coupler, construction steel pipe connection coupler of which the use of right Angle coupler proportion is the most, about one square coupler per meter of steel pipe. Connecting coupler is the intermediate connecting part of steel pipe and steel pipe. Connecting coupler has good performance and trend in practical construction.


      01.Fracture optimal

      Ductile iron structure is advanced, the strength and toughness exceed the na tionaland interna tional standarde, completely eliminate the old cast iron fastener becauseof the fastener fracture caused scaffolding collapse accident hidden danger.

      02.Excallent sliding resistance -- large fitting area

       To ensure that the steel pipe and the fastener is face fit state, and thelargest fitting area, to overcome the old fastener and steel pipe is pointor line fit, eliminate the hidden danger of steel pipe slip, so as to ensureand improve the ovevall mechanical properties and safety performance ofscaffolding.

      03.Rust resistance - passivation treatment

      After passivation and galvanized dual anti - corrosion treatment, the anti- corrosion ability is greatly improved, the life is far longer than the old coupler.

      04.Fast and light -- structural optimization

      This  fastener light, beautiful, loading and unloading speed increased, labor intensity reduced


      Product Name: All types of Scaffolding Coupler
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